Private tours from Beaune or Dijon, or vicinity
> Departure from your accommodation, the train stations or the airport.

> Transfer from Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Basel... on demand.

Small group tours from Dijon
> Meeting point: Maison DIVIA - 16 place Darcy - Dijon.
At 300 meters from Dijon train station (map on the left)
Tramway stop "Darcy" or "Foch Gare"
Bus stop: "Darcy"
Parking: Parking "Darcy" or Parking of the train station.

By TGV Train

- Paris>Dijon : 1h30 (about 20 trains a day)
- Lyon>Dijon : 1h30 (about 20 trains a day)
- Beaune>Dijon : 20-30 min (train about every hour)

Train times & tickets on-line:

By Car
- Dijon or Beaune>Paris city center or CDG airport: 3h30-4h / 320-340 km.
- Dijon or Beaune > Lyon: 2h30 or 2h / 220 or 180 km
- Beaune>Dijon: 1h / 46 km